The Spa


Come and enjoy the many different options we have for you including facials, waxing, massage, and body treatments to pamper yourself and relax. Destress after a tough workout or a long day. Relax in our Sauna or take a hot shower. Contact us for an appointment today.

Body Wraps-Massage

Herbal Wraps

This 60-minute herbal wrap detox reduces water retention while you lose inches, slim and tone. A perfect treatment before special events.

1 wrap, $65.00

7 wraps, $365.00


60 minute $65.00

90 Minute $90.00

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  • Please arrive 10 minutes prior to your appointment as we may need you to fill out any health history inquiries.

  • It is acceptable to disrobe entirely for your spa service, our therapists respect your modesty and are trained to keep you draped at all times. Only the area being treated is uncovered.

  • Spa services are designed for guests aged 18 and older, otherwise accompanied by an adult.

  • Jewelry can get in the way of a spa experience; we encourage that you leave these items in your guestroom.

  • Please inform us upon booking of any allergies, Ailments or disabilities, especially if you are pregnant, have high blood pressure or on an medications.

  • Services marked with the * symbol use heat as part of the treatment. These services are not recommended for guests who have heart conditions, are sensitive to heat or are pregnant.

  • If you are suffering from any serious medical conditions please talk to your health care provider and make sure this is a right step for you.