Tanning Beds

Imagine having a beautiful golden tan all year long! Try some of our bronzers that offer faster results - they are stainless, streak free, and leave your skin soft and supple. Even if you are a first time tanner or just want to keep your gorgeous glow, we have three great beds available for you.


Our beds have a wider, curved, seven-foot tanning tunnel design that surrounds you for fast, consistently dark, all-over results in a comfortable resting position.


Many different tanning lotions are availiable for purchase!


*You MUST be 18 years or older to tan

*Release form copy of valid id and eyewear required

*Our tanning packages work with your schedule and individual needs.


Session Packages

1 Session


5 Sessions


10 Sessions


15 Sessions


20 Sessions


1 Month Unlimited (cannot be shared)


3 Months Unlimited (must pay in full)


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Tanning Memberships

1 Year Unlimited Tanning


2 Year Unlimited Tanning


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Some restrictions may apply. Fitness members may add tanning to their fitness memberhip for ONLY $30/month (3 month minimum)

Spray Tanning

Single Tan Session


Single Tan Session With Exfoliate


Two Tan Sessions


Two Tan Sessions With Exfoliate


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